Tuesday Tune In: The Art of Conversation

| T. Dill | PinkSandBermuda.com


Morning family and Happy Tuesday! I trust everyone has had an amazing Cup Match holiday. I know I did for sure. But enough of that; (in my TV announcer voice) we will now return to our regularly scheduled programming.

This Tuesday I had every intention of tuning you in to a new album via review but turns out inspiration doesn’t always work out that way; and for good reason too. I couldn’t, for the life of me, figure out what to write about each track and I’m sure it would not have been my best work either. Instead, I’m going to remind you all of the one thing I think we should rely more on: the art of conversation.

Let me start off by asking you this: do you ever feel like we have lost the ability to communicate? With the rise of social media you would think we would be better at it. There’s so much that either goes unsaid or misunderstood simply because we failed to really express ourselves. Well over this past weekend all of that changed for me.

Cup Match had me surrounded by old friends and with that reunion came new friends and instead of partying hard and losing it we conversed. Really conversed. We caught up with each others lives. We talked music and politics. We got deep into discussions of topics that genuinely interested us and my brain grew three sizes that day. I found out that I have even more in common with these people than I originally thought. I found out I had a ton in common with the new people I met. And through those conversations our friendship was cemented and our bond grew, proving that distance means absolutely nothing.

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I believe that over time we have lost the ability to converse; we have lost the art of conversation and it is past time we got it back. I believe that there are so many things to be found in a simple conversation with someone. But conversing is not just about what you can share through opening your mouth and speaking. It takes an equal degree of  active listening as well. In conversation you have to be willing to shut your brain off to responses and leave space to receive the information given. Having a conversation with someone opens doors to so much more than just sharing information. In the art of conversation we find out more about our friends and about ourselves. We find similarities. We find differences. When we converse we can either grow closer to that person or move further from them, but we can still grow. In conversation, especially a really deep and meaningful conversation, we tend to strengthen our beliefs or have our minds opened to new ideas or simply learn more about a subject we once thought we already had enough information on. In a good conversation time no longer exists and all that is left are the words that have been said and the words that are saved for another conversation. But with that, you know there will always be another conversation.

So this Tuesday I’m tuning you in to deep, meaningful conversation and I’m not just referring to the giving of information. I talking about openly receiving it as well. So get out there and talk. Listen. Converse. And tune in next week when I just might introduce you to that new album, if my Muses allow it. Until then, peace and love.

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“Ah, good conversation – there’s nothing like it, is there? The air of ideas is the only air worth breathing” – Edith Wharton