Art Inspired! Gherdai Hassell

Background: I have loved art since I was a child. I’ve always had a creative mind and wanted to build, or create or bring to life those images in my head. I was apart of the Center for talented youth for Art education while in high school. I was the art specialist at a Government Summer camp in 2009. Since High school have not had any formal art education. However, my artistic talent is innate and I create whatever I want.  I like to try different media, but right now, my favorite is acrylic paintings.
I’m also an avid writer. I love poetry and how words can hold so much meaning.
My art is inspired by the world around me. I usually create pieces that have deeper meanings and are controversial. I once saw a quote that read, “if it doesn’t disturb you, it’s not art”. I whole heartedly believe this, art is supposed to move people, invoke feeling, if it doesn’t do this, it’s not a great piece of work. I want my art to inspire, excite, motivate, move, promote question of the status quo and push conversion of controversial topics. I love Retna, his work is amazing, although his style is much different from mine, his work moves me to want to paint with deeper meaning.
I’m currently working on a Bermuda Series. Being away from home for so long, has truly made me appreciate Bermuda and all the wanders it has to offer. I’m creating a series of work that will pay homage to my home, in a refreshing, new way.
I hope to have a show sometime next year to showcase my work, and finally make it available for sale.
People can follow me on my art instagram page @gherdai , and on Facebook (Gherdai Hassell) to see my work. Be on the look out for updates of a show, as I do not post everything on my social media pages.