by Deja Vu,

We all knew it was coming – we just weren’t sure when. Well…now we know.

Although we have strong British heritage and are inundated with American pop culture, the flamboyant festive traditions of Caribbean culture have not escaped us. Bermuda has always had a healthy following for calypso and soca music but nothing like the explosion that has happened over the past 5years or so.

It was only two decades ago in the 90s when most of the party generation looked for a good dancehall session. Bermuda’s party generation now fiend for a good soca fete. The Internet and a spawn of local DJs claiming soca as their niche have helped to fuel this trend.

Bermuda Day 2014 saw a sort-of critical mass to this movement with the 2nd Annual Passion Bermuda Day truck. Thousands of party revelers followed the Passion Bermuda truck the length of the parade causing gridlock and literally shutting it down. If anyone is suited to bring carnival to Bermuda it is the Passion Bermuda team. They have led this soca movement taking it to new and unseen heights in Bermuda.


Take a look here at their planned events for the Bermuda Heroes Weekend 2015.