Bermuda Day Parade

I T. Dill I 

“We party in sun or rain, we no care what de people say!”

How Bermudian is that phrase?!! Well we definitely came out true to form for this year’s May 24th/ Bermuda Day. Rain, blow or shine we were there without complaint. As per usual Bermudians from near and far were in full force to protect their territory aka their spot to watch the runners and the parade. Tents, chairs, coolers, port-a-potties, FOOD was shared with neighbors and visitors alike. Don’t it make you proud to be Bermudian?

Anywho, despite the long waits between the performers and no Soca truck (the tears are real people) I had a BLAST!!!! Dancing in the street with Power Girl Trina, watching the kiddies pretend to be Gombeys and Majorettes, cheering on the runners as they came in (shout out to the Veendam for the support via cruise ship horn), being offered refreshments at every place we stopped, the day couldn’t have turned out to be a better one. 

I don’t know about you guys but I’m already looking forward to next year with better weather, more participants, even more runners and riders, and the ever faithful bright, Bermuda smiles!


Check below for some pics from the day taken by Dallas Scott! 

Photos: Bermuda Day Parade 2016