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Bermuda Gombey Trackers

A new Facebook group has been started to cover the comings and goings of the Bermuda Gombeys. The page says, “GOMBEY LOVERS…. When you hear the sound of D Gombey... Read more

SELMA – John Legend & Common

 John Legend and Common performed their Selma theme song “Glory” during “Good Morning America’s” Winter Concert Series. Suited in black-tie, the well-dressed musicians brought gospel-soul to the “GMA” Times Square studio. John Legend on the... Read more


by Deja Vu, We all knew it was coming – we just weren’t sure when. Well…now we know. Although we have strong British heritage and are inundated with American... Read more

Art Inspired! Gherdai Hassell

Background: I have loved art since I was a child. I’ve always had a creative mind and wanted to build, or create or bring to life those images in my... Read more

And the beat goes on…

By Juanae Crockwell, The tradition of the Bermuda Gombey is old and rich. Born out of the oppression of slavery the Gombey represented liberty in an otherwise controlled world.... Read more