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If You Got It, Draw It

| NealJhay | “If you got it, flaunt it…” #PAUSE! Now I like “Check Up On It” from Mrs. Knowles-Carter but that line just jumped out at me. Today,... Read more

Tuesday Tune In – HEЯITAGE

| T. Dill |   Hey all and Happy (almost) Cup Match!!!!! To all of my St. Geo supporters, I hope you’re having a FABULOUS holiday. Somerset supporters….yea…. (j/k).... Read more

Support for the Chewstick Foundation

The Chewstick Culture Hub has been badly impacted by the fire that began this morning on Front Street. Therefore, our friends at Chewstick desperately need the help of the community to rebuild a project that means so much to so many Bermudian creatives. Their team has shared the following links, should you consider donating: Donate Online: Donate by Bank Transfer: Read more


| NealJhay | The way she poses, her body is an artistic movement! Surrealism, expressionism, you name it, she’s that! Her curves are drawn to perfection as she walks... Read more

Review : LIV BDA Raft Up & Finale

On board the M.V. Bermuda Longtail you had no other choice but to allow RAHLOU and DJ Que Sera to take you away. The energy was remained consistent to the end, thanks to DJ Mystro, DJ Scoot and friends. Read more