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LIV BDA Saturday – Daydreams & Dreams

Just by the lineup alone you realize it’s about to be a movie! To keep you further entertained live size Jenga was available, Volleyball, Tug of War, American football and food on the grill. Not to mention taking a swim and mingling with the visitors in a less competitive mode. The weather was absolutely beautiful with the Bermuda Longtail’s swooping in for a closer look at the styles of swimwear and protective hairstyles. Read more


  | NealJhay | Finally, I’m back on track with life! I had a wonderful experience in New Orleans at the Essence Festival supporting a popular local artist, Carlos... Read more

LIV BDA Fantastic Friday

The energy was high so you can imagine the crowd didn't want to the party to stop. If you were wondering what to wear for an event like this, let me tell start by telling you the sky was the limit. Read more

Jumping the Artistic Hurdle

I T. Dill I   Ok guys so before I begin I gotta say that I’m so sorry for being M.I.A. for a couple of weeks. No diss and... Read more

Bermuda Heroes Weekend 2016 : A Guide

This year promises to be no different with more events, more beautiful costumes, bigger trucks and just a better time all around. The events are selling out fast so I hope you guys got ya tickets and ya costumes ready for de rooooaaadd! Read more

Art Fete

I NealJhay I Sometimes, you have the early birds who come and ask you to do some art or design a pair of clothing or footwear for them. Then... Read more