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Jumping the Artistic Hurdle

I T. Dill I   Ok guys so before I begin I gotta say that I’m so sorry for being M.I.A. for a couple of weeks. No diss and... Read more

Bermuda Heroes Weekend 2016 : A Guide

This year promises to be no different with more events, more beautiful costumes, bigger trucks and just a better time all around. The events are selling out fast so I hope you guys got ya tickets and ya costumes ready for de rooooaaadd! Read more

Art Fete

I NealJhay I Sometimes, you have the early birds who come and ask you to do some art or design a pair of clothing or footwear for them. Then... Read more

Can You Feel My Art?

I T. Dill I   In light of the recent losses of Prince, Muhammad Ali, Christina Grimmie and now the mass shooting in Orlando I was at a loss... Read more

The Heart of Art

|NealJhay| Languages are bridges between us as humans that help us to connect and communicate with each other. From English to Spanish and French, we fluently speak our first... Read more