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Soca Junkie!

I T. Dill I   Happy Tuesday fam!  I’m going to make this week’s Tune In short and sweet.  With May 24th soon upon us we are all looking... Read more


I NealJhay I         I was never one to compete in life. I guess you can say it was my shy side kicking in when it... Read more

I am Not Beyonce!

| NealJhay |   Is a comparison to someone great a bad thing to you when you’re trying to make a name for yourself, or a good thing? Sometimes,... Read more

Tats R Us

| T. Dill |   I was going to start this week’s Tuesday Tune In talking about something to lead up to May 24th. In fact I had a... Read more

Sip This

I NealJhay I “Always stay gracious, best revenge is your paper!” That is a TRUE STATEMENT that she sticks by! I’ve read articles of celebrities snapping back at the... Read more

No Passwords Allowed

I NealJhay I   I have something I want to tell you, YEAH, YOU! I just don’t know how! Maybe a text, phone call, a voice note even! There... Read more


I NealJhay I PlayStation, Nintendo 64, X-Box, Sega Genesis, all have one similarity… GAME CONSOLES! What do you do with the games on these consoles? CONTROL! You have the... Read more