Fantasy Island

This was not an event to dress to impress as you were coming to be covered in multiple colors of powder! Read more

Review : LIV BDA Raft Up & Finale

On board the M.V. Bermuda Longtail you had no other choice but to allow RAHLOU and DJ Que Sera to take you away. The energy was remained consistent to the end, thanks to DJ Mystro, DJ Scoot and friends. Read more

LIV BDA Saturday – Daydreams & Dreams

Just by the lineup alone you realize it’s about to be a movie! To keep you further entertained live size Jenga was available, Volleyball, Tug of War, American football and food on the grill. Not to mention taking a swim and mingling with the visitors in a less competitive mode. The weather was absolutely beautiful with the Bermuda Longtail’s swooping in for a closer look at the styles of swimwear and protective hairstyles. Read more

LIV BDA Fantastic Friday

The energy was high so you can imagine the crowd didn't want to the party to stop. If you were wondering what to wear for an event like this, let me tell start by telling you the sky was the limit. Read more

Kirk Whalum Jazz Concert Review

The featured artist was Grammy award-winning saxophonist, Kirk Whalum. He has traveled for at least a decade with the then renowned Whitney Houston. His stage presence wowed the crowd. Read more

LAST CALL – A Closer Look

Friday night ended a month-long tour by what is arguably one of Bermuda’s best music groups. Notice I didn’t say gospel music group – that was intentional.  LAST CALL, as... Read more