Footy Force Pro Trials

Local Bermudian football players were given the opportunity to get exposure to a United Kingdom training environment through professional football trials and assessments at the National Stadium in association with Footy Promotion. Read more

Conquering the Battle Within

By Lornelle Amory     Where do you CREATE the body you always wanted? (a) In the gym? (b) In the kitchen? (c) In your mind? If you answered ‘C’ to the... Read more

Bascome – Lowe Charity Football Match

The 6th Annual Bascome/Lowe Charity Shield Classic brought together the men of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. and Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc. for a highly-spirited football match in honor of the late Minister Nelson Bascome (Kappa) and the late Rev. Dr. Wilbur Lowe (Alpha) who were both stalwarts in the community for a generation. Read more

So You Think You Can Wheelie?

I T. Dill I   Member back in de day when everyone use to pack race and try to pop? Things got serious too, with the trash talk and... Read more

Keep On Steppin’

When you enter into most large buildings you have the choice to either take the steps or the elevator. Read more

Consistency Creates Habits

Have you ever tried waking up to forget washing your face? How about to skip brushing your teeth or that morning coffee or tea? I am sure you have hundreds of habits that you have adopted over the years that you don’t even think about doing. You simply repeat the same actions daily. Read more

Tuesday Tune In – #RideBMRC

I T. Dill I Remember back in de day when you used to sit off outside of Warwick Lanes or down the stretch in St. David’s or along Palmetto... Read more