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Bermuda LoveBomb Inc. : Crushing on the Corset
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Hello #Lovers, *waves*
I am back in London and yes, school is in session. *Looks for stressed emoji* With that said, “Crushing on the Corset” is inspired by my Design class trend book assignment. It’s probably pretty clear by now that I’ve chosen the Corset Trend. 
While back home in Bermuda the Saturday before leaving for school I was packing and discovered my hole puncher/eyelet setter and eyelets in my ‘oh so trusty‘ diy supplies storage. I actually purchased them years ago at my favourite craft store, Michael’s. Oh all the monies I’ve put into Michael’s 🙂 *cruises down memory lane*
In my findings I also stumbled across leather stringing material in various colours. Thinking, “I’ve held onto this stringing long enough” I figured it was the perfect day to make use of it. So much that I cut up some denim and clear pvc fabric and started making Corset Chokers. Hell, I even sold a few. Lets just say I was inspired. 🙂
So back to London, while fabric sampling for my class assignment I stumbled across this “Have to Have It” rose gold leather material. Of course a swatch of this fabric wouldn’t have been enough so I figured a metre/yard would do. 🙂 
Which leads me to my chosen trend and latest diy post, “Crushing on the Corset!
Supplies Needed:
Fabric Scissors (
Rose Gold Leather (Purchased at Local Fabric Store)
Leather Stringing Material (
“Crop-A-Dile” Hole Puncher/Eyelet Setter & Eyelets (
Measuring Tape
Step One: Measure Up
Your waist measurements will determine the length and width of your chosen fabric. Once your measurements are decided, using your measuring tape or ruler and marker cut out your corset pattern. 
Note: My Loves, it’s easier than it sounds 😉
Step Two: Layers
As stated I used a lightweight leather. To give a sturdier look I decided to double the fabric. 
Note: When cutting out your pattern, Cut 2 patterns.
Step Three: Position Eyelets
Pinning your fabric in place, layer to layer will assure the eyelets are positioned correctly for the next step. Determine the position of your eyelets using measuring tape and marker.
Step Four: Hole Punch
Punch holes then secure eyelets using your “Crop-A-Dile.” After eyelet placement remove your pins. Last but not least, lace up your diy corset using the leather stringing material, ribbon, or even shredded material. “Your Choice” Just be sure to be creative in everything that you do.
All done,
Now its your turn! 😉
corset7 corset6
Please share and comment below. Tell me what you think. Any questions? Don’t hesitate to ask. xo
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