Fantasy Island

By Deanna Williams  |

It was finally the night we had all been looking forward to. Party People Entertainment hosted a Fantasy Island Party on White’s Island Friday, July 15th, 2016. This was not an event to dress to impress as you were coming to be covered in multiple colors of powder!
Consistently transporting the party goers to and from via two boats there, were no concerns of being stranded on the island longer than desired.
Upon entry party favors such as glow sticks, wrist bands and hand towels sponsored by Heineken were distributed to add to your ultimate party experience.
Early warm by DJ Jim Brown and DJ Mystro playing the latest soca hits, the energy was live!
Lord Hype and Tony X stepped on the scene issuing strict instructions on when to open the powder packets as they were distributed through the crowd. On cue the crowd released the powder and the whole place shell down. The crowd glowed in neon colors of orange, pink, lime green, yellow, blue and purple.
Willy Chin of Black Chiney Sound was up next and immediately transformed everyone into a dancehall King or Queen from Jamacia !!!

Apologies if you missed it but feel free to track down the mature lady who was living life to the fullest in your absence.