Gombey Warriors to the World!


“It’s more than Gombeys… its about togetherness, community, …its about family!”
At just over 3 years old, Gombey Warriors have become one of the hottest Gombey troupes on the island with their unique style and community approach. While still holding onto traditional Gombey values, they aim for a free spirited style that thrives on the captivating vibes of the drum beat that matches the best on the island.

Started by Gerkimo Gardner, Dwayne Joel, John Smith and Gregory Burgess, Gombey Warriors felt a need to bring back the old school feeling, while making a special effort to reach to the community by giving at risk youth a positive outlet. “It is a very humble, blessed, and energetic feeling that I get when I know I am doing something that I love. Good music is the driving force that allows me to perform for the crowds and give them what they want,” said Gombey Captain Gerkimo Garnder.
“We tell stories through our performances, for example, “David & Goliath” and other biblical messages. More importantly we are trying to send a message during these times of gang violence and gun murder, that there are young men doing positive things and leading by example.”

Backed by supportive parents, family and friends, Gombey Warriors have set themselves apart by reacting to issues in the community. They have performed numerous community service projects with Mirrors, SCARS, and Relay for Life – just to name a few. “We try to be the shining light within Gombeys by encouraging togetherness amongst the Gombey community, instead of always battling to be #1 – we never want to lose sight of what is really important,” he said.

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When asked what advice he would give an aspiring young Gombey, Garnder said, “You have to work at it, be patient and be disciplined. You have to love it, be willing to learn and be willing to work as a team.” The tradition of Gombeys is definitely alive and well, I don’t think it will ever die. Gombey Warriors has no ceiling, and the future is really bright.”

Gombey Warriors is available for all occasions, such as weddings, funerals or parties. For bookings you can contact Ms. T. Jackson at 331-8129 or “like” the Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/GombeyWarriors