How Do You Like Your Roti?

By Patrice Phillips | Photos by KD Photography


Anyone looking for a proper roti may have faced some difficulty over 4 years ago. John and Pansy Nichols and Owen and Charlene Martin set out to fill a gap by providing Bermuda with quality, mouthwatering dishes that reminded them of home – Guyana.

In the heart of Court Street, bustling every weekend with new and returning customers is ROTIS – one of the best Caribbean inspired food spots Bermuda has ever seen. About to celebrate its 4th anniversary on September 22nd, ROTIS will host its annual customer appreciation day, providing the public with FREE food samples of their famous dishes. The exact date of the appreciation day will be communicated shortly.

“Beginning the business had its challenges”, says Mrs. Nichols. “We never really advertised and getting the word out there was difficult. We have full time jobs so we were only able to open on Saturdays. But now we’re able to open 4 days a week!”

The medley of flavors that take over your senses the moment you walk in creates a lasting first impression. What also makes ROTIS unforgettable is the pleasant atmosphere and warm friendly smiles from Rachel and Ingrid, that make you feel like you’re already part of the family. You will usually find Rachel quite busy with preparations, and Ingrid doing most of the cooking. Everything is hot and served fresh, with rotis and doubles (two mini roti “sandwich” with sautéed chickpea and 2 sauces: green sauce made of cucumber and mango and tamarind sauce. Add hot sauce for an extra kick! Its delightfully messy!) being made on the spot.

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“Along with roti and doubles, our best sellers are cook up rice, plantain, provision, bakes and saltfish, and pumpkin or corn soup. We cater to everyone with chicken, beef, goat, fish, and even vegetarian options,” explained Mrs. Nichols.

ROTIS also boasts of homemade ginger beer, mauby, sorrel, carrot juice, lemonade, and sea moss. It also caters to those with a sweet tooth, serving homemade ginger bread and coconut sweet bread.

One very special dish you will find at ROTIS is the Guyanese dish pepper pot, a brown stew of mixed meats (usually beef and ox-tail) made with cassareep – a cassava byproduct – that gives it its color and flavor. Pepper pot is a staple in the ROTIS Christmas Package along with black cake, a drink and another item of your choice. Christmas packages begin at $40.

Fun Fact: The original pepper pot consisted of beef, pork, and cow heel, which ROTIS can happily provide upon request at no extra cost!

 “On plans for the future, we’d like to expand the menu,” explains Mrs. Nichols. We are still looking for ways to grow. Anyone with dreams to open a restaurant, go for it. Do not be afraid of failing. I know it sounds cliché, but its true!”

Get ROTIS to cater your next event! Rotis and doubles are available in party sizes that your guests will love. Stop by (Wed-Fri 7am-4pm, Sat 10am-6pm), call 293-7684 or email for more information. Follow ROTIS on Instagram @rotisbermuda.