Legend Has It

| NealJhay | PinkSandBermuda.com


Artists nowadays do whatever it takes to stay in the limelight. Some artists create hit after hit; radio bangers that radio stations play everyday. They play the originals, they play the remixes, mix part of the song with other songs, and you hear it like 3 or, maybe 5 times a day. Then you have other artists who create a great body of work and the album gets the BRAKES PLAYED off of it until it fades out. Then you have artists who fluctuate! One great album, next one is EH! Two great singles, the next two, EH! NO! What is the music industry make nowadays? Celebrities for now? “The HOTTEST THING” for just right now, maybe another 2 years? Where’s Ms. Jackson?


Now I haven’t followed her too much in my younger years because of my upbringing. My parents were and are still Christians so I wasn’t really exposed to many artists and genres, except gospel. As I got older, I learned about Michael Jackson first, of course, and then did my research to see he had a musical pop sister, Janet Jackson. The first song I heard from her was “Doesn’t Really Matter” and I must say, it was an R&B/Pop feel with a futuristic music video feel but still easy on the eyes to watch. It wasn’t your half naked, booty bouncing kind of video, but instead “I’m all dressed and going out with my girls to dance the night away” kind of feel. But of course, I was still caught up in other mainstream artists at the time so I didn’t recognize Ms. Janet too much. After awhile, I started to see her pop up, and go back missing, pop back up, and then back into hiding. Strange, was she not as popular as I thought?

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See, to my lack of knowledge, she was popular but she took an approach I hadn’t seen…the LEGEND approach! Legend has it that you don’t always have to have song one, then the next day song two, then the next day song three. It’s alright to go behind the scenes or completely off of the scene to stay relevant and have everyone wondering. At first, I didn’t know if she was relevant because of her family name or because her brother was Michael Jackson or what. Later on, I learned that Janet was classified as a Legend, a skilled dancer with excellent music, meek and humble, soft spoken, voice of a Hummingbird but killed a stage! She wasn’t always in the media and neither was she always on the front line; album after album, song after song. Don’t get me wrong, there are artists who do that and succeed greatly with that technique, power to them! Janet, on the other hand, has shown us that she can WOW the crowd, make them wonder where she went, and come back with a BANG! Let’s just say, she knows how to please and deliver!