LIV BDA Saturday – Daydreams & Dreams

By Deanna Williams  |  

LIV Bermuda began their Saturday with an early morning boot camp session with Barrington Bennett from NYC. Barrington had the ladies and the gentlemen on Horseshoe Bay beach completing drills on his count! With a passion for helping people live a healthier lifestyle Barrington has been a dedicated personal trainer for 8 years.

Day Dreams began directly thereafter at the Wafer Rock Beach in Warwick. If you were to make your way to Chaplin Bay and follow the running path to your right of the parking lot it is the first beach on your left. Now that you have an idea where we were, let me draw you a picture. Upon entry you have S.A.S Protection Services checking for wrist bands and giving a stern eye reminding you to be on your best behavior. To your right you had your beverages and to your left you had the DJs for the day Miss Milan, RAHLOU and DJ Que Sera, Magnum Force – Kuane, Fadda, Maggie and DJ Jada & Roddy. Just by the lineup alone you realize it’s about to be a movie! To keep you further entertained live size Jenga was available, Volleyball, Tug of War, American football and food on the grill. Not to mention you had the option of taking a swim and mingling with the visitors in a less competitive mode. The weather was absolutely beautiful with the Bermuda Longtails swooping in for a closer look at the styles of swimwear and protective hairstyles.

Fresh off the plane DJ Self from the popular reality television show Love and Hip Hop New York joined the party. DJ Self is a music producer and a DJ for parties and events, in addition to heating up the airways on Power 105 the popular New York channel for the Breakfast Club. If you may recall DJ Self is the former significant other to Karly B during season 6. He is currently recording season 7 and is working with a developing RnB artist Major Galor, she is one to look out for in the show. With this being his second time here in Bermuda he mentions how it’s even more beautiful than the first. Daydreams ended just in time to pull yourself together for the following event.

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Dreams began as you stepped onto the red carpet and have a quick photo shoot with the talented photographer, Alex Masters. Starting the night of right is DJ iBreeze of King Jyrus Sound followed by DJ Self with his crazy energy. Compared to the conversation on the beach earlier that day I wasn’t sure if it was the same person!Finishing off the night was DJ Mr. Genius,DJ GeniusINHD and Magnum Sounds. Ladies rocking the latest designer wear from head to toe in their desired black or white attire. Dresses incorporated with lace or tulle and skater dresses can be seen accessorized with cubic zirconia, finished with a 4 inch stilettos. The fashionistas surely pulled out all the stops for this event not one hair was out of place, simply flawless ladies!

Photos by Anthony Wade