Mr. & Miss CedarBridge 2019

Photographs by Anthony Wade

The Class of 2019 hosted the annual Mr. and Miss CedarBridge Pageant on February 9th, 2019 at the Ruth Seaton James Center.  Aysia Stovell won the Miss CedarBridge crown while Myles Smith won the Mr. CedarBridge title.  Family and friends demonstrated lavish and loud support for the five female and four male participants.  Five former contestants judged the competition.  Other prizes were awarded. Vanessa Gilbert won the Miss Congeniality award and Shi-Shun Burgess won the Mr. Congeniality prize.  Shi-Shun additionally won the Mr. Photogenic prize and Savannah Jeronimo won Miss Photogenic.  The participants this year were Alvin-ae Landy, Aysia Stovell, Leizyae’ Rayner-Dill, Myles Smith, Seth Gibbons, Shi-Shun Burgess, Savannah Jeronimo, Shenessa Maylor and Vanessa Gilbert.  The competition began in 1998 and has a main goal of improving the self-confidence of the contestants via talents, stage presence, extemporaneous speaking and community awareness.