Need help preparing healthy meals? Look no further than Kara’s Kitchen.

By: Patrice Phillips


Kara is a Bermudian entrepreneur and is the owner of Kara’s Kitchen which opened its doors in January of 2015. Kara has an Undergraduate degree in Psychology and a certificate in Food and Nutrition from the University of South Florida, and is currently pursuing an MBA at the University of Florida.

So tell me about your business and what inspired you to do it?

We started in January of 2015 and we work out of Rosa’s Kitchen to prep foods. The idea for the company came about due to my own fitness journey and I realized that it was hard to have proper meals and get what I needed for my body when training and furthering my fitness journey. I began prepping meals in exchange to pay for my best friend and trainer, Hafid James, who would then post pictures of my work on Facebook. People began to take notice and the rest is history.

What does an average meal cost the consumer?

The price ranges from $9 to $9.50 – fish can be a little more expensive. The menu changes every week.

What sort of challenges did you face along the way?

There were several. First it was difficult trying to find the space to prepare so many meals. Another challenge was working with the humid climate that we have here in Bermuda which makes controlling the food difficult, and we have to keep it safe and healthy to eat. We had to research new ways to preserve the food such as immediate refrigeration after the food cools or using fans!

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What dreams do you have for the business over the next several years?

In 3 years, I plan to have a fully functional restaurant and space to prepare meals every few days. I’d like to have the opportunity to interact with customers one-on-one about their meal plans. In 5 years I plan on opening another branch and expand overseas to places where there is a gap. I’d like to get it to a point where I’m educating the community on healthy eating and maintaining a healthy lifestyle from a young age and even get it into the schools.

What advice do you have for other entrepreneurs looking to start their own business?

Do your research. Especially in this economy where businesses are failing, you must do your research. Also, get a good support system. I’d really like to thank my family for all of their help at 6am in the morning, and Pam Quarterly for her outstanding generosity. I had a hard time with this at first because I like to be in control, but sometimes you can’t do it all yourself. You have to let go and allow people to help you. Then, dive in. Just go for it and do something that you’re passionate about.

So what is next for Kara?

 I want to finish my MBA. I put that on hold for a while. Once the business is in a stable place and I don’t need to be so heavily involved I can go back to Florida to complete it.

Looking for delicious, healthy prepared meals to assist with your fitness journey? Contact Kara at or on 599-1626. Be sure to check out her photos on Instagram using the hashtag #karaskitchen. PinkSand would like to wish Kara the BEST of luck! Check back here for future updates on Kara’s Kitchen.