No Comparisons Needed

I NealJhay I

Being an artist is an AWESOME individual to be in this day and age. For me, it’s like a process of thinking it, sketching it, perfecting it, then releasing it. Getting older, tapping into this talent, is truly a blessing to me but even more, seeing other artists living on this island just like me. Art isn’t something that any and everyone can do on their own. Some of us have that natural gift and learn extra skills to help advance us. The best part of this art journey is that even though we want the same outcome of success, we take different paths of style and uniqueness. Often times, I hear comparisons to other local artists, even some saying I’m better than this person and that person when really I believe in “No Comparisons Needed!”


I, NealJhay, have fallen in love with abstract. It gives me a freedom of mind, freewill to create whatever comes to my mind, choose the colours I want, the subject matter, etc. I paint with bright colours, which may reflect my personality; vibrant and upbeat. Sometimes, I paint my figures without faces just to allow the viewer to interact and put their own feeling and expression on the subject matter. I like to create female pieces simply because the female physique is fluent, it flows naturally, poses are feminine and artistic, beautiful features radiate on a sketchbook or canvas. This is just my style and trail that I’ve blazed. Portraiture, commercial art, and traditional… can I do it? Yes, I can! Do I choose to mainstream these aspects in my art journey? Eh, here and there but not as a main focus. My fellow artist, Carlos, he took the path of creating what already exists with a twist of abstract. Bermuda Maps, Bob Marley Portraits, Maya Angelou, Prince, you name it, he has created or does create. His forte’ is commercial art, which there’s nothing wrong with that because it grabs the audience as well. Can you compare us? Why should you when there’s NO Comparisons Needed.


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Two female artists, Langre and Gherdai, have their own styles that differ from me as well. Langre paints recognizable people but in a more abstract, mysterious yet bright way. She uses bright colours like me but we differ because her strokes are looser, freer, and she uses her fingers from time to time. I, on the other hand, have more of a crisp line for my works and more defined detail. Does that make me better than Langre? NO WAY! Just like Gherdai, we both have a eye for painting femininity; women. I paint women for the fluency, the sensuality, the flow of a woman’s physique. Gherdai focuses more on the beauty of black women, black girls. From their skin colour to their natural hairstyles, it basically tells a story of how the naturalness of a person, especially women, can be appreciated and be made proud of, simply by the color of their skin. Once again, NO Comparisons Needed because these two phenomenal female artists have their own style, their own path that guides to success.


Trent and Calix are also two other artist friends of mine that I pay close attention to their work. Trent works with coloured pencils and has an eye for creating detailed items that already exist. From a sneaker to style heels, to a glass of Scotch, the detail in his subject matters make it seem like it can come right off the page! For me, that would take me A LONG, LONG time to do to make sure the proportions are accurate, colours match, and have the affect of bringing it to life. Calix creates things that exist but he takes another approach, more political and based on his opinion of things or sometimes, things said and going on in society. He makes use of popular phrases, sometimes phrases and quotes I have NEVER heard of in my life, or even just words. I remember his art show at Bermuda College were he painted just words and quotes on the wall and that was his showcase. Can you really say it’s not art? You can’t because it is. He wants you to walk in, read, and envision where he was going with this. Can you compare him, Trent, and I? Once again, No Comparisons Needed!


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I conclude by saying we are all artists! We have different methods, techniques, things that work for us and things we may need to or want to learn. Do we want to enhance and learn? Yes, we do! Do we HAVE to learn just to be like the next? No way, of course not! Each of us bring something unique, something different to the art industry of Bermuda. We embrace our talents, we inspire and motivate others, others appreciate our gifts as we aspire to the same thing… Success! We stand in unity of creativity, not dividing or breaking each other down, but striving towards building a foundation of creativity in our own home. With the skills we can learn from each other, the time schedules and time frames we have to complete our own works, do you honestly think we have time to be compared? We need everyone to see that as individuals… As individual artists… No Comparisons Needed!