Overstepping Negativity

| By Kevina Santucci | 

Everyday we are faced with the challenges of life. There are many causes for these challenges, ranging from work related issues to social problems. Whatever it may be, we have the power to overstep the negatives of the situation! Now, I know nobody wants to be stuck in a ‘bad’ place, so why not change that negative into something positive?

I think of negativity as the devil lurking, trying to make life miserable. Being that we all have the power of choice, it’s up to us if we let him come in and make our lives a ‘living hell’ or keep him shut out. Well, obviously one is going to keep him shut out because we want to try and have as much positivity in our lives as possible. Unfortunately, there will be times when we can’t help but get caught in a negative situation though. This can be through a not so good diagnosis of our health and so on. However, like I’ve stated before, we can still find positives in that situation! See friends, we aren’t meant to be sad people. God intended for us to be happy! When you see that negativity heading your way block it! Call out for help if you need it! Don’t let negativity take over your life!

Stay positive friends!

09.17.2015 - Kevina Santucci - Overstepping Negativity


Kevina Santucci is a native of Bermuda who currently resides in Boston, MA undergoing treatment for cancer. She is a young single mum who is striving to make a positive impact on the world.