Pop, Lock, and Try Not To Drop It – Wheelie Wars II

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Summer is HERE!!!! Well not officially but dis weather though; melting fast here people! And with the hot weather over the weekend there was tons that I could have done to “enjoy” the heat. Went swimming. Had a BBQ. Checked out the Rubber Duck Derby. Turned on my Soca Junkie-ness at the Kiddie Carnival. “Ran” the You Go Girl Relay. Sounds great, sure, but not my forte. Instead I spent a sweltering Sunday at the Southside Motorsports Park, St. David’s for the BMRC Wheelie Wars II event. And what better place to be than surrounded by great food (shout out to Jorjay’s, Grillin Stixx, and Frozen Delights), great friends and of course BIKES!! And not just any bikes. Motorcycles! 600s. 150s. 100s. Auxiliary cycles. Mopeds. Race bikes. Just BIKES! Just poppin all over the place. By far the best Sunday I’ve had in a while. 

The wheelie competition is the second the Club has had and brought back by popular demand. Wheelie Wars II saw about 10 riders come out to compete for the title of Wheelie Champion with a cash purse of $1000. It was judged by guest celeb judges Carlos Dill-Trott of CarloSantanArtistry, artist and PinkSandBermuda.com contributor, NealJhay Morris and Club President Cyril Whitter III with the commentating  and DJ skills of Ed Cook and Ricky Dias.

Why wheelies? Well, why not?! Wheelies are just as much an art form as painting, singing, writing, etc. They take skill, strength, creativity, passion, and of course a connection with the bike itself. The rider must have an innate understanding of what his or her bike can do in order to pull of the perfect wheelie. 

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The comp was split into 3 sections: Longest Wheelie, which measured wheelies over a set distance, Slowest Wheelie to see who can pop for the longest amount of time and Freestyle, where the competitors were allowed to show off their personal wheelie style in an exhibition style event. Riders were scored 1st, 2nd, and 3rd in each event and 1st, 2nd and 3rd overall based on combined point. 

I have to be honest, watching these guys practice leading up to the event I already picked my favourite to win the freestyle (Josh Giraud) but it was great to see what these other riders could do. What was so great about the comp was that each rider was recognized for their skill set when it came to wheelies. While some maybe couldn’t pull off an amazing trick, they shone when it came to hold a wheelie for the longest time or for the longest distance. Everyone was acknowledged for their individuality, as we all should be as artists and humans in general. 

Winners  included:

1st Place – Joshua Giraud
2nd Place –  Luke Parker
3rd Place – Chris Kairunpan

Style Competition: 
1st Place – Chris Kairunpan

Slowest Wheelie:
1st Place – Rakai Raynor

Longest Wheelie:
1st Place – Joshua Giraud

All-in -all I had a blast and have the craziest tan ever to prove it but it was definitely worth it. So bike enthusiasts be sure to check out BMRC for more events and their upcoming races and I will hopefully see you all at the next Wheelie Wars. 

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For more pictures head over to Bernews:  http://bernews.com/2016/06/photos-motorcycle-racing-club-wheelie-wars-ii/ and the Club’s Facebook Page: BMRC.