Revamp with Vintage

There is certainly something about the autumn season that feels like the dawn of the fashion new year.  Whether fresh looks are sauntering down the runway or pounding the pavement, this time of year brings a sense of anticipation and innovation for fashion lovers.  While it’s all about new ideas during this season, this is my favorite time of year to delve into the style archives with vintage-fused looks.  Vintage style is literally nothing new—in fact, year after year we see high fashion looks inspired by trends of the past.  So if you’re totally new to the game (don’t be afraid!), or you’ve taken a summertime hiatus from thrifting, there’s no better time than NOW to [re]acquaint yourself with the thrill of vintage. 

Your individual style is one of the most easily accessible outlets for self-expression, and vintage fashion only ups the ante.  There’s a special essence to clothing from the past incomparable to more contemporary wear—the construction, materials, and designs can never truly be recreated, which adds to the individual character of the pieces.  Vintage clothing is truly infused with personality and history—and it’s that distinct character acquired through the years that makes it so exciting to style and wear!

Now that the weather is due to simmer down, it’s the perfect time to be adventurous—play around with layers, textures, and patterns.  Thrift and consignment shops are great places to find one-of-a-kind fabrics and designs.  Keep an eye out for chunky knits, bold patterns, interesting shapes and textured finishes.  My favorite find so far?  Nothing too crazy:  just a tea length, cherry-wine crushed velvet skirt with a biased hem.  Seriously though, it’s amazing—I loosely envisioned it worn high-waist and paired with a long-sleeved, boxy crop top, a thin, layered necklace and simple ankle strap heels. 

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TIPS:  (1) Bring your open mind when thrifting.  It may be difficult to see the potential when an interesting piece jumps out at you, but don’t be too quick to discount the possibilities.  (2) Try to maintain some level of balance in your vintage-styled ‘fits.  Don’t go overboard with your eye-catching pieces all in one look—style your bold and beautiful finds with more subtle contemporary pieces to preserve equilibrium. 

At the very least, thrifting (let’s face it, all shopping for the bulk of us here) is fun!  It’s yet another welcomed opportunity to be daring, creative, and uniquely you.  Any extension of fashion is a form of art, and integrating modern and vintage styles is no exception.  Don’t overthink it—follow your intuition and flaunt your unparalleled style