Rodney Trott : Today is a Bay Day!

By Maya Palacio

The Bailey’s Bay cricket team defeated St. David’s ‘Warriors’ on the Warriors’ home pitch to claim the Eastern County Cricket Cup on Saturday, July 22.

Bailey’s Bay batted first and put up a total of 223 runs. Bay was victorious in winning their championship title by bowling out the St. David’s Warriors for 161 runs.

“We’ve been training hard. We just haven’t been playing well in the league and this was the standard we try to set for ourselves and it finally came on, on a very good day,” says Stephen Outerbridge.

Outerbridge had 82 runs, which was the highest amount for Bailey’s Bay.

“To win today was very special.”

The Championship marked 20 years of County Cricket for Outerbridge.

Taking a moment to celebrate alongside his wife and child after the match, Outerbridge is excited for his team’s outcome in the championship. Fellow players and spectators approached him after the game to congratulate him on his performance.

“I love it, I love it! This is my community. I grew up in Bay, I stay in Bay, I love Bay all the way,” says Outerbridge before joining his teammates in celebration.

Bailey’s Bay captain, Rodney Trott, thanked St. David’s for a brilliant match before grabbing the trophy and joining his team in a huddle while they chanted “Bay” and the crowd cheered on the new County Cup Champions for 2017.

“When St. David’s and Bay play, it is always a good game. I tip my hat off to St. David’s. You guys, you’ve got some brilliant players, but today is a Bay day,” says Trott.

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Winning both the League Cup and the Eastern County Classic, the St. David’s “Warriors” are disappointed to have not retained the County Cup for the second year. St. David’s were down to ten players after their captain, O.J. Pitcher was injured.

“I think the performance of the team today was tough,” says Lionel Cann. “When you lose your captain and probably the best batsman in Bermuda -O.J Pitcher – it was a very big loss. The boys were trying to pull through for him but we ended up with ten men and it’s always difficult as a team with the quality of Bay. They fought and they -Bailey’s Bay- ended up the winners today.”

Cann has been in the cricket realm for 30 years playing for St. David’s. He stood alongside his teammates as they watched Bay accept the trophy they had won the year before.

“I think it was a good game, it could have been a better game today.”

Cann felt that the performance level of both teams was not met because of the officials.

“These are the top two teams in Bermuda playing,” says Cann. “I felt that it was hindered a lot by sending the officials that weren’t qualified and because of them the outcome of the game rested on their shoulders and they -the officials- just did not handle the pressure well at all today. I think they helped take away some of the quality cricket that could have been on showcase today, but at the end of the day we have a winner which is Bailey’s Bay.”


Even though his team lost the championship, Cann still believes they had a great season and is proud to play on his home pitch surrounded by the supporters.

“As nearing the ending of my career it’s even more special that I could be part of this moment.”

Bailey’s Bay cricketer of two years, Derrick Brangman, celebrated many firsts on the pitch during the championship. This was his first year playing in the County Games, his first one-bowl wicket and his first ‘Man of the Match’ title.

“I really didn’t bat too sharp. I only got one run. I told these guys I was really upset and that I’ll make it up on the field and I got six wickets for 40 runs. I’m not really sure how much overs I bowled, but I felt comfortable and I felt that we’d get a wicket every time I bowled,” says a smiling Brangman while fans and fellow teammates chant his name and congratulate him.

“I love the fans,” says Brangman. “Bailey’s Bay fans, they’re one of a kind man. Ain’t no fans like Bailey’s Bay fans.”

Brangman looks toward his teammates cheering in a crowd with a wide grin. He doesn’t need to take a moment to think when asked what’s next for himself and his team. Brangman says:

“Next for me is Cupmatch and next for us -the team- is a party. We’ll party ‘til the next County Game.”