Salon Pink: Running on Bermuda Day???

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So you have taken the BIG leap and you are running in this year’s Bermuda Day Half Marathon…(I’m tired just thinking about it to be honest (sigh). I have 3 Trendy Running Hairstyles that will suit all hair types and lengths…..I mean why not look your very best at ALL times!!! These looks will also double as “After Run” Hairstyles BONUS!!




Running pretty much requires a major amount of bouncing up and down until, eventually, your hair becomes a sopping, sweaty mess.

This is a NO. NO.!!!

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You need a hairstyle that can withstand the course and the experts have spoken and agree that Braids, Low Ponytails and Buns are every women’s best style options.

It’s best to have your hair pulled away from face with no product in it while running. Any gel or sprays can run down your forehead and into your eyes when you sweat, causing irritation.

The Bermy Braid Squad – is dynamic for your strenuous workouts, since all your hair will be off your neck and stay off your neck  you can get as sweaty as you need to without worrying about your hair.

Section your hair into 3 parts. The middle section will be slightly larger than the side ones. Pull the side sections into ponytails at the tops of the ears, and then Dutch Braid or Corn Row the middle section.

Once you get to the level where your 2 ponytails are, incorporate them into the hair you’re braiding. Continue to Dutch Braid or Corn Row. When you get to the bottom, secure with an elastic.

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To finish, wrap the loose end of the braid under itself. Finally, secure with hair pins.


Push Through the Pain Ponytail – is a workout mainstay for a reason: It’s easy and gets the job done!

First, part your hair down the center so it splits into two even sections. Then, twist each section toward the base of your neck. Once you’ve tied off both sections, pull them together in the center and secure with another elastic.

For a more polished look, wrap a small piece of hair around your hair tie.

image004 (1)image005 (1)

Twist & Shout at Finish Line – If braids are a little high-maintenance for your workout, try a twisted chignon?

The beauty of this style is in its simplicity!! First, work a lightweight water based gel or mousse (Osis+ Upload) through your strands. This will keep your hair neat and help it stay together in the twists.

Next, pull your hair into two low ponytails at the nape of the neck.

Then, just twist the sections around themselves; eventually, the twists will begin to coil onto themselves. Once your hair is properly twisted, secure with pins.

When you repeat this on the second side, make sure to tuck in the end pieces for a more polished look.

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P.S. The hardest part of your 1/2 Marathon should be the run NOT your hairstyle #GoodLuckRunners