Slide into Summer

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Let’s slide into summer with a stylish yet comfy shoe. Or, as ASOS would call it, with the “beautiful ugly shoes.” Now, this shoe is no rookie to the sales floor, but it now has been upgraded in the cutest way! These have been poppin’ on most celebs this summer! 





Adidas, Nike, Givenchy, Celine, and even Puma have blessed us with their take on sliders.





I own two pairs myself and I absolutely adore them! They’re so easy to throw on and can effortlessly add some edgy athletic flavour to an outfit. Once an after workout shoe, has now become more of a sought out focal point for any look.


Now the real deal…


Rihanna designed her take on the sliders for Puma which I LOVE! SO ADORBS! They are adorned with fluff on the top to add an extra girly look. Personally, I was dying to get my hands on a pair when first released priced at $80. However, with the popularity of the shoe they were sold out instantly! Now, they are going for $100-$150 on eBay! Ugh, No! Ain’t nobody got time for that.. I would much rather make myself a pair before I spend that much.


You may be able to find a cheaper pair if you search for yourself….Truthfully, I gave up! For the guys, Adidas and Nike have their signature slides! Simple and still masculine and let’s not forget- COMFORTABLE! They even have stylish pairs for kids. I remember the sliders being shoes only athletes used to wear after a sporting activity! Now, these have turned into fashion statements!  

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The classy Celine pool slides add a certain amount of elegance to such a simple shoe. As they would! This design is more posh and delicate. I would definitely rock these with an all white outfit and gold accessories and maybe add an accented bag. Chic and comfortable! 


If you want to be creative, buy an inexpensive pair and design your own! In a few weeks time when I get bored with mine… I will add some fluff to make my own “RIH slides!” If you are interested, Youtube has some great tutorials to help you from start to finish. Search “DIY Fluffy Slides” to view how to DIY. Youtuber Alyssa Forever has a good tutorial on her channel. View here.




With these cute and comfy shoes the whole family will set to slide into summer!