Soca Junkie!

I T. Dill I


Happy Tuesday fam! 

I’m going to make this week’s Tune In short and sweet. 

With May 24th soon upon us we are all looking forward to it being the start of a massive summer full of parties, concerts and most importantly SOCA!!! And who doesn’t love the parade and everything that goes with it? Camping out the night before to save ya spot. Watching the arguments over said spots knowing you have yours already. Attending the Flag Invasion Soca vs. Reggae party the weekend before. The runners in the morning and of course the parade that afternoon. And of course no May 24th parade would be complete without the majorettes, Gombeys and the Passion Bermuda Soca truck bringing up the rear. Byie, I tell you I look forward to wuking up behind the big truck every year and this year will be no different. 

Now I must admit I’ve been a Soca Junkie since I was a toddler and not much has changed. Whenever I hear Destra or Byron Lee or KES I just can’t keep still! Maybe it’s the rhythms that move me. Maybe it’s my island blood. Either way, for me it’s Soca today, Soca tomorrow and Soca always!  

So in honor of the Passion Bermuda Soca truck here’s some tunes from last year and this year to get you in the mood. 

*Playlists provided by YouTube