8 Bermudian Artists to Watch

| T. Dill | PinkSandBermuda.com

Hey! So I figured since I haven’t done a Top Eight List in a while…or ever…I would do one of, you guessed it, Eight Bermudian Artists to Watch! Hooray!

Now I know eight is such a random number but just consider me a random person.

So, no, it’s not just musicians. No, it’s not just visual artists. This list comprises of all aspects of the art world: dance, photography, art, music, etc., etc., etc. Just artists, period. Don’t be offended if I leave someone out just hit me up in the comments below and let me know who you pick for your 8 or 10 or 20 Bermudian artists that we need to check out.

Ok so here it goes.

In no particular order, here are my picks for fav Eight Bermudian Artists (keep in mind this is a very small portion of a very long list).


Photini Ingham

Who she is –  Photographer
Where to check out her work – Currently her photographs are displayed at the PSE Intern Photography Showcase
Why I like her – Her photography has a very earthy feel to it. Her eye for color and texture is captured in every photo. Her photos tend to capture the mundane and make it extraordinary.


Carlos Trott

Who he is – Visual Artist
Where to check out his work – You can hit up his website http://www.carlosantanartistry.com/, or on Facebook or even on Twitter @1LOSO7. Dude is everywhere!Why I like him – The versatility of his style and work is absolutely amazing. I have had the pleasure of watching him work from scratch; seeing him create something from literally nothing. The way he captures light and character into his work is something that is uniquely his own. Creating everything from lyrical masterpieces to abstracts to beautiful and unique tattoo designs, there’s no limit to his artistry (no pun intended). 

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Velina Wheatly-King

Who she is – Visual Artist
Where to check out her work – Check out her Facebook page VWK Art
Why I like her – I first checked her custom henna designs on her FB page and fell completely in love with the personality and diversity of her pieces. After I explored a bit more I saw just how great her work is. There’s almost a spiritual quality to the things she creates. You can tell that when she creates her custom pieces, whether they be at a henna party or on a tea set, she definitely incorporates not only her customer’s likes but a bit of her personality as well. It’s a blessing because that means you’ll forever be touched by her work.


Gianluca Gibbons

Who he is – Musician/Composer/Producer
Where you can find his work – Check out his website www.gianlucagibbons.com or his band’s Insta page @htgmusic
Why I like him – The man can play his behind of! I’ve heard him a few times, alone playing his alto sax and with his band, and I’ve enjoyed it every time. He is able to move so easily between gospel and pop music, not once losing the integrity of the piece or of his performance. He’s a pleasure to watch perform and to listen to.


Mwalimu Melodye Micere Van Putten

Who she is – Author/Poet
Where to find her work – She has a number of books of poetry and prose out at Bookmart inside of Brown & Co. as well as on Amazon.
Why I like her – Since I first heard her speak I have been drawn to the realness that is her poetry. It is insightful and thought provoking; educational and inspiring. Whether you’re reading one of her poetry books, attending one of the classes she teaches through her Ashay University courses or just having a pleasant conversation, you’re bound to walk away feeling more empowered than you’ve ever felt before.

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Tamia Grant

Who she is – Actress/student
Where you can find her – currently you can watch her star in or be a part of any of the productions put on by the Berkeley Institute, since she’s still a student.
Why I like her – I last saw Tamia in Berkeley’s production of Peter Pan the Musical and she was phenomenal. Any character she takes on she becomes to the point where we no longer see the girl with the great voice and acting chops but we see the character. We laugh when she laughs, cry when she cries and are ultimately swept away from time and place and taken to where she wills it through her portrayal of her characters.


Nikia Manders

Who she is – Dancer/Dance Instructor/Choreographer
Where you can find her  – check out her dance school’s FB page, Bermuda Dance Academy or pop by Berkeley during any one of their dance concerts or productions
Why I like her – Having seen a ton of her dances, mostly through the Art Department productions, I have always loved her choreography and ability to reach her students through her art form. You can always tell that not only do her students love what they’re doing but they love and respect her as well and that’s something that is only evident in a person who takes pride in their work. The great moves don’t hurt either.


And last but not least:


NealJhay Morris

Who he is – Visual Artist/Musician
Where you can find his work – Check him out on Insta, @xvi.nealjhay
Why I like him – Like Velina’s artwork, there’s something almost spiritual about the pieces he produces. The hidden messages within every piece takes viewers on a very personal journey. There’s always a pleasant surprise to be found every time you look at his work, even if you are viewing the same piece over and over again.

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So there you have it folks. My random 8. Check them out and let me know what you think. Don’t forget to pop by on Tuesday for my next Tuesday Tune In.