Thrift: Chanel

| Deanna |


Hey ladies, I trust all is well in the world of thrift shopping, yes? Well I promise you, it’s about to get even better. You would not believe what I found this week at the Orange Bay Company. 
A form fitting denim jumper by Chanel !!! Not only is the design absolutely adorable but the length in the pant leg is versatile! *faints* No matter what footwear you decide to wear with this look the length can easily be adjusted to suit your needs.

Living in Bermuda the weather can be unpredictable (which we all know) so we simply adjust for comfort.
Which brings me to how the opportunities are basically endless with this Chanel jumper. You can either add or remove layers as desired. Not to mention it can be carried through all four seasons. Perfect !


Now lets talk numbers. This jumper was obviously originally priced over the $200 bracket and can be yours at a discount price of $183 or less. I say you’ll be getting your money’s worth, based on the number of times this look can be worn along with excellent durability.

20161105_155026 20161105_155057


-Wear with a turtle neck on those colder days. I’m thinking a cream colour but prints work well also!
– If you’re feeling funky, why not add an off-the-shoulder sweater or sweat top over the jumper for dimension! 
-Two Words: Canadian Tuxedo!

Get creative ladies & happy thrifting !