Thrift : Lace 101

| Deanna |

Hey ladies, I couldn’t resist heading back to Orange Bay Company to help with your thrift shopping! The options in clothing are basically endless and I needed more than an hour to go through some of their items. Notice I said some and not most?! Ladies you will need an entire morning in Orange Bay and a shopping cart! Now, I know you don’t have all that free time on your hands so here is a multipurpose look to guide you.


Orange Bay Bermuda-$30

Lace was big for spring/summer ’16 but I want to carry it over to fall! Shades of off-white are all I have been dreaming about and oddly enough I have found a dress that falls under that category. Now you may have a look at the dress and say it looks boring and oh my goodness I would never buy that. Well just hang on a moment and have a look in Orange Bay’s accessory cabinet or assorted bags and play around with a few finds to mimic your favourite trend/ runway look. Where are you going? Who cares! You live to be fabulous everywhere you go! 


Seen on the runway was Lauren Conrad’s Spring/Summer collection 2016. There was an adorable white lace dress styled with effortless crown braids and a delicate heel. When it comes to lace it is a versatile option to go with whether you’re attending a formal or casual setting. Lace doesn’t only come in shades of white but also available in black, maroon and forest green just to name a few. When selecting the style and color in lace you should be mindful on the setting in which you will be wearing it. I know they say be daring with fashion but you still need to be smart about it. 

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Celebrities from Taylor Swift to Beyoncé have been spotted on the Red Carpet draped in lace looking absolutely stunning, proof that lace is an option to turn heads.  


At one point lace bunny and kitten ears were trending and I must say I am still for here for it!


Capture your must have trend and head on over to Orange Bay Company where you’re guaranteed to find a similar look!

Happy Thrifting!