Thrift : Leather Backpacks

| Deanna |

Fashion has a way of repeating itself and believe me I wish a few things never see the light of day again. However, I am pleased to present to you the return of leather backpacks! If my memory serves me correctly, in the 90’s these backpacks were trending as if they where going out of style. Spotted among the many options to choose from at the trusty Orange Bay Company in Hamilton, was a black leather backpack still in mint condition with adjustable straps with dual compartments. I immediately fell in love as the price was perfect and so was the size, not too big and not too small. It retailed for about $30 and was very similar in style to a Louis Vuitton backpack I had come across.




Now clutches are cute and all but if you need both hands when you quickly need to run into the city a backpack is perfect. Everyone seems to have separation anxiety when it comes to their phone these days so sliding your phone and necessities into the backpack is ideal. For one your phone avoids a cracked screen and two, life is a little less complicated in stores. 

If you’re arranging to leave the island soon for business or pleasure the purchase of a leather backpack will have you feeling organized in transit from airport to your final destination.prada-1

Now this time I’m not only talking to the ladies, fellas this can be your ideal purchase also.  I mean Jay-Z has been spotted in the streets rocking a snake skin backpack. So by all means head over to Orange Bay Company to see what you can find.

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Jessica Alba is clearly seen making good use of her camel tone backpack while on mommy duties.


Are we feeling this trend?

Happy Thrifting!