Troika’s ‘The Color Purple’ – A Flawless Performance

Bermuda's Troika The Color Purple

Troika’s Opening Night Production of The Color Purple did not disappoint! A packed house at Ruth Seaton James Centre for the Performing Arts was treated to a rousing performance by Troika’s star-studded cast of which talent was in abundance.

Candace Furbert (Celie) stole the show with a first class performance that puts her at the top of the list of Bermudians in the arts. Fresh from her stint in the cast of Shrek in London, Furbert takes you with her on a journey through life and forces you to feel her pain, sorrow, adversity, love and ultimate triumph. Her beautiful, Broadway-ready voice captivated the audience from start to finish as she grew into her herself through each scene.

Lauren Genevieve (Nettie) won the hearts of the audience as her formally trained voice brought new life to the role. The chemistry she had with her sister Celie was amazing as the duets melted the hearts of everyone in attendance. It is clear that this is only the beginning of a bright future for Lauren in the arts.

Olivia Hamilton (Shug Avery) couldn’t have played a better role. Her familiar soulful voice, along with the sassy attitude of her character was mixed to perfection. John Seymour (Mister) was the fitting nemesis and kept the audience rooting for Celie. Cindy Smith’s vibrant voice leads the southern gospel choir with ease as she allowed you to feel the struggle in the plot.

The supporting cast of Harpo, Sofia, Squeak, et al did not disappoint, as it kept the audience on the edge of their seats with their thoughtful wit and colorful personalities. It was clear that only unparalleled talent was selected for characters that were chosen this time around.

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Executive Producer Seldon Woolridge and the Troika Team must be commended on continually raising the bar of musical dramatic performances in Bermuda. The level of talent, detail, care and professionalism put into this play is second to none and should not be missed. If it even crossed your mind to go and see this production, don’t think twice – it will be the best $70 you have spent all year.