Tuesday Tune In – Ballad of the Bibliophile

Bermuda Tuesday Tune In – Ballad of the Bibliophile

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This is for all of my logophiles. All of my bibliophiles. Those true lovers of words and books.


Have you ever been so engrossed in any sort of reading material that being disturbed brings ire to your veins? You know that feeling: when you’re getting close to ending your book that it makes you less inclined to finish what you started?

I’ve felt that way one too many times; have been so stuck within the worlds of Tolkien, Maas, Martin, and Collins that I’ve lost sleep, lost pounds, lost focus just so that I can get answers. What happened to Frodo after he destroyed the ring? Will Katniss and Peeta be haunted by the Games forever? Who will finally sit upon the Iron Throne? I NEED TO KNOW!!! 

I know I sound like a crazy person but when it comes to books I am. There’s a bit of an obsession for me when it comes to the written word that I become nothing more than a besotted bibliophile. The only way to describe it is this: there is such a connection between myself and the characters I love so much that their triumph is mine. Their tears are mine. There fear and adrenaline rush mirrors my own to the point where I find myself having to close the book just to catch my breath. Then I tear it open again just to find out how it all ends. And when it ends…oh when it ends and I’m stuck dealing with reality again there’s a bit of melancholy that settles over me and I don’t know what to do with myself for a while. When a bibliophile finishes a book they are essentially leaving behind a land of characters and creatures that they’ve become invested in for an extended period of time. 

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It’s something akin to a high, this losing yourself in a book. You begin to read and the world that has been created by the author begins to take over your reality. The characters come to life in your mind and it is as if you have stepped into their bodies for the time being. The landscapes begin to take shape and you’re thrust into their world of magic or war or romance. You become so lost in their story that you invest a little piece of yourself in them and they in you. You take a bit of their essence and become better for it. And when you come down from that high it takes you a while to catch yourself before you launch into another collection of words; another world; another set of characters to love and to hate.

Such is the life of a bibliophile, I suppose. You take a risk with every book you select. You could love it. You could hate it. You could become so entranced by what you read that you want to know everything about that world: its histories, its inspirations; everything (guilty as charged). And when that waiting period is over, when you get that new book and begin to read, you prepare yourself to ride the wave all over again.  

This is my current dilemma with a new series by New York Times Bestselling Author Sarah J. Maas: A Court of Thorns and Roses. Maas takes the classic Beauty and the Beast and transforms it into a world of faeries and ancient wars with the heroine being not the bookish Belle (who is my spirit princess btw) but the huntress Feyre who is just as much of an outcast but possess a spirit as wild and untamed as the world she is thrust into and must now save. With twists and turns and the ever present villain, I have yet to put it down. Nor do I want to. And now here I am, close to the end of the second book and more things haunt me than its inevitable end. Is it really the end of Feyre’s journey? I hope not. Will it end like I think it will? I hope so. Will there be a cliffhanger and a long wait for the next installment? Good grief, I hope not (ugh, cliffhangers). But it will end and when it does I will forever be grateful for the journey that Maas took me on. I will be grateful that I allowed myself to be introduced to her world of magic and mayhem. And a little piece of Feyre will always stay in the heart of this bibliophile. The highs and lows these books took me on will all be worth it. 

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So, dear readers, this week I want to tune you into any reading material of your choosing. A comic book. A graphic novel. A magazine article. An epic series. Just read and tap into that bibliophilic part of yourself. Allow yourself to ride the wave of words and I promise you won’t regret it. 


Until next time.


Peace & Art