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Hey all! Happy Tuesday and Happy Belated Mother’s Day to all the mums and mum figures!!


So I know last Tuesday I promised ya’ll that I was gonna highlight the top Soca tunes to listen out for with the lead up to May 24th but again inspiration has taken me on a new path and hopefully she’ll take me back to where I wanna go. But anywho this path has taken me towards something that I’ve touched on briefly before…our own. 

So lemme ask you this. How often do we rush out to buy an overseas artist’s latest track (Bey’s Lemonade was my second major purchase) or drop $$$ on a painting by some dead dude to decorate our homes with (Picasso is aight but not my style)? How many times do we pay homage to the lost and reminisce about the forgotten (Prince, may he S.I.P.)? Not to say that they aren’t amazing and worth the attention but how often do we turn that attention on to the talent that currently walks the island?

Now I have to be honest, I don’t always hear about them but when I do I get kinda pumped.  Why? Because this little island has produced some amazing talent that, in my opinion, can rival what’s currently out there in the mainstream circulation: Twanae, Antonia Shaunee,  Last Call, and the list goes on.  But how often do we rush out to buy what they and many others like them have produced? 

Here’s the thing. It’s fantastic how deep we are into the arts as an island but lets not forget our home-grown treasures. Artists like Carlos Dill-Trott and Velina Wheatly-King; Photographers like Ras Mykal and Akil Simmons; Singers and entertainers like Hannah E and King Somner. I could go on forever listing other talented artists but I think you get the point.

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Inside every Bermudian child there is an artist itching to get out and be recognized. All they need is a chance. Bermuda Idol has done a fantastic job at showcasing our singing talent but be sure to check out Master Works and City Hall to see the visual artists. Sweet Saks Bakery to check out our poets. Chewstick to check out our musicians. Any dance recital or school play/talent show to see our dancers and dramatic talents. Just give it a try and I guarantee you won’t be disappointed. And if you’re doing so already I urge you to continue and spread the word!

This Tuesday, Bermy, I urge you to tune in to Us. To our Bermudian Artists. 

If you know of any that we need to check out feel free to leave your comments below or on the article on Facebook and we’ll be sure to check them out. 

Peace all and #supportlocalartists. 

*Featured image credit: Carlos Dill-Trott @liveloveart_7