Tuesday Tune In: Chloe x Halle

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Bey strikes again! This time with her proteges/mentees, who gained YouTube fame with their cover of Beyonce’s Pretty Hurts. Well they caught Bey’s attention and she took the young musicians under her wing, even featuring the pair in her Lemonade visual masterpiece. And why wouldn’t she?! They’re AMAZE-BALLS! With their fresh vocals and provocative lyrics these sisters are definitely going places. Can you say #BlackGirlMagicx2?! 

I heard their cover for the first time a while back and thought they were great. Never really thought they would produce an album but glad when they dropped the awesomeness that is Sugar Symphony, available now on iTunes. 

I think what I love most about this twosome is not just their soulful voices and intricate harmonies, it’s the uncompromising way that they are uniquely them and they embrace it full force. In their choice of beats. In their style both vocally and visually. They are magic. I haven’t even gotten the whole album yet but I already have my favourites like Thunder and Fall and Lazy Love. I look forward to hearing more from the sisters as they grow in their craft. 

Be sure to check out their YouTube page Chloe x Halle VEVO and their album Sugar Symphony on iTunes. 

Pretty Hurts (cover)