Tuesday Tune In – Photography by Photini Ingham

| T. Dill | PinkSandBermuda.com


Happy Tuesday everyone!!!

So this week’s tune in is hitting a little closer to home. I really want you guys to tune in to PSE Intern and budding photographer Photini Ingham.

Funny story, I “met” Phontini last night at the PSE Photography Intern Showcase launch (if you haven’t been yet you gave until Feb. 29th to get there) and I actually knew her and her mom before from my old neighborhood. Small world inna? But I digress. Having known of her, I had no idea that this young lady was such a talented photographer.

Her keen eye for light and color and texture is evident in every last one of her photos, as it is with the other interns being showcased.

I chose Photini’s work to highlight, not because she was better (all of the interns are equally talented) but because her artwork spoke to something in me. While all of the work on display feature aspects of life and nature, it was her simple photos of a cat named Wallie and of a pair of ballet slippers with a tutu that kept drawing me back to them.

I can’t exactly put my finger on what caused me to keep coming back to either pic. Maybe it was the way she made Wallie look like he was modeling for her or how his expression was almost human. Maybe it was the depiction of the ballet slippers that, in the shadows and some dirt on the bottom, portrayed a well-loved and well-worked-for craft. Maybe it was the fact that both pictures spoke to the feline (I’m a Leo) and dancer parts of my personalities. Either way I could definitely see either photo hanging in my home.

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One thing I get from her photography, as well as the others’, is that everything we do, everything we choose to show the world, introduces someone to part of our being. It all has some story to tell of our existence; of what makes up the parts of our soul. Perhaps Wallie is her favourite pet. Maybe he’s the only one that kept still long enough to get a photo op. Maybe the ballet shoes are her own. Either way we catch a glimpse into who she is through her work.

I look forward to see what she and the other photography/ cinematography interns have to offer as they develop and grow in their craft.


To check out Photini and the rest of the PSE Interns’ photography be sure to pop by The New Washington Mall (right outside of Gibbon’s Home Store) where their photos are displayed. The showcase runs from now until Feb. 29th. Also, give a search of the website to see which photos they’ve contributed to the site.

Come back next week for another Tuesday Tune In.


*Photos are from other articles on PinkSandBermuda.com that Photini has taken