Tuesday Tune In – Mad Artistry

| T. Dill | PinkSandBermuda.com


Artists are by far the most eccentric people you would ever want to come across. We are wild; in our appearance, in our speech, in our mannerisms. We are, in a sense, mad. It’s not just madness though, it is a borderline obsession with the world that we possess. It is our reaction to our surroundings that drive us. It is in our madness that what comes out of everything we do is so mind-blowing-ly ripe with vision that we can’t possibly hold it in. So we share it with the world whether the world is ready to see it or not. They don’t have to get it or us but we get each other and that’s what matters.

Case in point: I recently had a big ol’ birthday and I created everything myself. In that creating my obsessive creativity came out. I became as mad as the Hatter that I was trying to celebrate. I woke up hours before the sun to painstakingly piece together centerpieces. I went to sleep long after the moon was awake to glue and paint. My madness would not let me rest until everything was out in the form of hats and bows and tea cups. And I enjoyed every minute of it. Every hot glue gun burn, every misplaced piece of glitter, every lost piece of beading became part of the tapestry of my creative space. I reveled in the entire process. It was such a creative high. I loved every bit of my madness because from it came something that I never thought I would be able to pull off. And through it all I didn’t stop to wonder if someone would understand what I was trying to produce or if they would even like it. My joy came from getting it out of my system.

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Family, did you ever get to that point where you couldn’t stop until a piece was completed? You didn’t sleep or eat, and if you did it was very little, all in the name of mad artistry. It was all in the name of answering your muse’s call. It is such a heady feeling to be so caught up in your work that the rest of your environment ceases to exist and in the end, what you’ve produced, is beauty. An interpretation of life. What you’ve produced is art and all you have to thank is the madness that drove you to it and through it.

This Tuesday fam, I encourage you to tap into your madness; get in touch with your much-ness and let it consume you until all you have left is your art.

Peace and creativity and I will see you next week for another Tuesday Tune In.