W2W : Thanksgiving Dinner

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It’s that time of year again where getting seconds, guzzling wine and lounging around aren’t questionable behaviours. But, if you’re not particularly thrilled by the abundance of food that is going to be shoved in your face, then you’ll probably enjoy spending time with family. Although Thanksgiving is an occasion with much to celebrate, it can also be a source of anxiety, especially if you don’t like eating or people, but more so if you don’t know what to wear. *cue dramatic music*


If you’re anything like me, you usually find yourself trying to throw something together on the day of. Not great for sanity but so gratifying when you finally get the look to come together. Effortless is always what I aim for and the key to looking effortless is really just sticking to what makes you feel most comfortable. No matter how you celebrate Turkey Day it doesn’t have to be a challenge to find the perfect outfit. Just stick to what you do best and use your personality as inspo!




Probably known as the life of the party by their friends, this family member is always into everything! They know all the latest about everything and everyone, and have no problem making it known. Keeping up with them is like keeping track of deadlines during a really hectic week- nearly impossible! But, they’re great fun to be around if you need a pick me up. Their flamboyant personality is echoed in their style and they certainly are not afraid of a little attention, or a lot.




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Don’t get caught off guard around this one! They’ll be sure to capture every moment regardless of how embarrassing it is. They’re quick to click and hesistant like to delete; no matter how good your reason is for why you should get a second take, it’s probably not going to happen. Even though they spend most of their time taking photos they refuse to be unprepared for the group shot. So, while their style is super comfy it’s never short of chic.




There’s one of two things you can count on this family member to bring to dinner, a tummy on E or a plastic bag full of Tupperware. Sometimes it’s both. * judging *  But truly there is nothing wrong with either. Thanksgiving is about showing gratitude for family, and enjoying the food and beverages is nothing to be shamed for. Besides, if we can learn anything from this family member it’s the clever way that they conceal their food baby all night long!



Typically, you’d expect the person hosting the dinner to be the most stressed. But that’s definitely not the only word that describes their efforts on the night. Proud, excited and pressed are all very accurate. No, I don’t mean they’re upset or holding a grudge, I mean their outfit is EVERYTHING honey! Not a hair out of place or a wrinkle in their shirt. The hostess, no matter how long she has been awake preparing for this dinner, is always well put together. What’s your excuse?



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No matter what family member you are, just enjoy Turkey Day