Wait. What?! It’s The New Year?! Yeesh!

| T. Dill | PinkSandBermuda.com


Is it just me or did this holiday season seem off? Like it wasn’t really the holidays just some random time off from work.

From the time school got out on December 18th to the time it went back in last Monday (sheesh it’s been a week already), time seemed to have moved in a blur, and not even a blur of activity. I can’t explain it really. I wasn’t stressed, although I did have a touch of the flu, but I wasn’t really excited either and I found it hard to keep the kid excited over Christmas’ arrival. All of my shopping was done by the Monday after thanksgiving and there wasn’t much left to do accept decorate the tree, which I almost forgot to do. But the real kicker is what happened after.

While most of the 18 to early 20s crowd was eager to get out and party for New Year’s Eve, most of my generation was eager to stay home and sleep. The thought of a night on the town seemed daunting and getting dressed up felt like a tedious task. In an effort to bring in the year I leave my 20’s with a bang I and some friends got all dolled up to go out. We were amped, I guess, if you could call yawning at the dinner table and debating going home to rest before heading back out “amped.” But we psyched ourselves up and headed out anyway.

Town was empty. It was 10:30 and town was empty. Mind you some people were still doing dinner and still getting dressed but for the most part it was empty. The clubs weren’t all that filled and our party was barely getting legs, if you don’t count the revelers already there and well into their cups. By the time 11:30 hit we had been to almost every major establishment on front street and still hadn’t managed to really get into the “New Year’s Eve mood”.

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And finally it was the time we all have been waiting for, or at least the time we should have been waiting for, the countdown to midnight. Except there was no countdown. At least not at 11:59:50. There I was, poised and ready to send out my first Happy New Year salutation of 2016 and there was no countdown. 12AM hit and nothing. No fireworks. No hoots and hollers. No kisses between partners and part-timers. Nothing. Zilch. Nada. 12AM had come and gone and I was the only one singing out “Happy New Year”. Yeesh. What a way to start 2016.

The countdown did happen though. At 12:01 (rolling eyes). But in my discussions with others about their festivities it appears that we weren’t the only ones. All across the island vendors everywhere were doing their countdowns and launching their fireworks displays 1-5 minutes after midnight. Most people, those that were heavily into their cups, didn’t even notice. The rest of us, however, were baffled at the phenomenon. How the heck did that happen? How could it be that every DJ, every party location, missed the epic countdown to midnight? Have we been that far out of the spirit of the holidays to forget that we were going into a new year? Or was it that, for most of us, the magic of the new year has lost its umph? I guess we will never know. One thing is for sure, considering how you start your new year says a lot about how your year will turn out (supposedly) I surely hope I don’t forget any other major milestones.

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Any-who, let us know how you spent your New Year’s Eve in the comments below or let us know if you didn’t miss the countdown. Either one.