What’s Cooking With Kayla

| By Nadia Laws | 

Kayla Williams isn’t your ordinary 17 year old. 

She spent her summer juggling between Miss Bermuda pageant activities, of which she was awarded second runner up and the title of Miss Hospitality. She could also be seen strutting her stuff on the Bermuda Fashion Festival catwalk and behind the scenes as a chef intern at Mickey’s Beach Bistro at Elbow Beach.

But she’s nowhere near finished. The Bermuda College student is getting ready for the next chapter in her culinary arts career and has plans to finish up her degree in Europe.

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Photo by Akil Simmons

Q: You’re a chef, but you’re also a model and beauty pageant contender. How do you manage to eat well and stay so thin?

A: Believe it or not, as a chef you don’t actually eat as much as people think. With the long hours you don’t have the time, so you are either eating really early in the morning or late at night and snacking in between. I also walk everywhere so I guess that keeps me in shape. That’s the only exercise I have.

I don’t really go to the gym or anything like that. But I don’t eat fast food either. I try to stay away from red meat and make sure I get in lots of fresh produce – fruits and vegetables, salads and greens.


Q: What other beauty secrets or routines do you do to take care of yourself? Do you make sure to get in a lot of sleep?

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A: I’m just a normal person and probably get less sleep than the average person. When I was working I would go to bed between 11pm and 2.30am and had to be back up at 8am to get ready for work. But one thing I do is try my best to balance everything. It’s more about eating well for me and that shows up in your appearance.


Q: So what does a staple meal look like for you then?

A: At home the number one thing I always eat is bean burritos. I like it because it’s kind of a balance. It has the tortilla and beans, I don’t use any meat, and then it has tomato, lettuce, onion and avocado. Sometimes I add some cheese on it. That tends to be what I eat and my go to food.


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Photo by Akil Simmons

Q: You’ve had an eventful summer. You’ve spent time working in a busy restaurant kitchen and even won second runner up and Miss Hospitality in the Miss Bermuda Pageant. Did it feel different returning to school this semester at Bermuda College?

A: It definitely is different being back in school. I don’t have to work as long hours. In the summer I was working from 9.30am until 10.30pm some nights, with a break in between. So now I don’t have to work ten hours. School has its own challenges. But it isn’t quite that busy. From my first year as a culinary student to this year, I also feel different.

I feel that I’ve definitely grown since then. The internship at Mickey’s was a huge part of that because it has allowed me to work in a kitchen space that’s fast paced and popular.

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For the first day of Cup Match we had 500 people for lunch. So you have to learn how to do whatever is asked of you to the best of your ability and when it came back time to moving back into the routine of school I found I was able to do tasks faster and overall feel more sure.


Q: Summer is almost done now, but what would you say were your three favorite things to do during the summer months?

A: Well one thing I love doing is swimming. I just love the water. I feel like I’m a mermaid, so every chance I get I try to spend it at the beach. It was great working at Elbow Beach and if I ever had a split shift I would go into the water. I also love sleeping. I know that sounds bad, but sleeping was a luxury to me because I was lacking sleep. This summer I spent a lot of my free time sleeping and relaxing. I also spent time with friends and family. We would go to each other’s houses and cook together, have a good time and laugh.


Q: You’re 17, but seem to have so much going on. What keeps you focused?

A: God. I tell people He is the realest person on my team. I wouldn’t be where I am without some source of spiritual guidance and I owe that to my parents for bringing me up a certain way. My parents have been really supportive of me.

When times get hard and I feel like I want to give up I turn to God and ask Him for help. That’s always what pushes me to go forward.

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Photos: Akil Simmons