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Where are all my 70’s and 80’s music babies? Well you’re in for treat today because I am NOT writing this article about y’all. The 70’s and 80’s had some excellent music, music for the soul, music that set the pace for future generations and artists today. Now, I was born in 89, the last of the 80s babies, but grew up on some great music that came from the 90s. Destiny’s Child, Next, Usher, Jagged Edge, TLC, Brandy, Monica, Carl Thomas, and many more gave me MY LIFE! One of my all time favourites came from a woman that I first listened to at summer day camp.


We always played our favourite songs, blasting them for everyone to jam to. There was this ONE SONG that really caught my attention! It had a Destiny’s Child feel to it; catchy lyrics, real R&B-soul voice with a little dirt in her voice! For the longest time, I never put a face or image to this song or artist until I finally decided to do my research. Edgy presence with a tomboyish attitude, pink hair, blue eyes, her whole vibe and demeanor gave off “ROCKSTAR”, “PUNK ROCK”, “HEAVY METAL!” Who would’ve thought that this woman giving off a rock vibe could sing with so much SOUL and R&B fire? “There You Go” was my favourite song before I knew who PINK was and escalated when I finally put a face to the artist.


I normally can determine an artist’s sound, their genre, their personality and presence in music videos. When it came to Pink, she confused my whole world, sat me down to take some notes. “There You Go,” “Most Girls,” and “You Make Me Sick” had an R&B vibe to them, real 90s vibes. Then came “Trouble” and “So What” that had that hard edge, rock, bad girl kind of feel to it that was somewhat proven truth to my hypothesis of her. Then, of course, she twisted it up AGAIN as a feature in “Lady Marmalade” alongside Christina Aguilera, Mya, and Lil Kim. What a dynamic and diverse music career she has created for herself. She’s a highly underrated artist that needs to make a serious comeback into the music industry! I can say she is known for her music and well respected but I feel her name can be more relevant than it already is! It’s all good to have the Beyonce’s, Rihanna’s, Usher’s, Ne-Yo’s, etc. running through the mainstream channels but there’s nothing wrong…with a little TWIST OF PINK!

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Here are a few of her videos to see the diversity of Pink’s music! Until the next article, be easy! Stay tuned for more from NealJhay!


“There you Go”


“Most Girls”




“So What”