Busy Being GREAT

| By Juanae Crockwell | 

I already know what you are thinking…”where has she been?” My inbox has been full of that question lately and I’m so, so sorry. I should have kept my blog updated better over the last few amazing months. But the truth is…I’ve been busy and it has been great.

I’ve been working, building my empire one stone at a time. I’ve been traveling, enjoying life and making memories that will warm my heart forever. I moved into the most incredible home and settled into this whole single mother situation. I’ve been bonding with my sons and finding the ultimate joy in their smiles.

I’ve been dating (yikes!) and learning more and more about who I AM through the process. I’ve been making some incredible new friends. Studying and opening my mind to thoughts and ideas that inspire me and show me a whole new world of possibility. I found my voice within my community and have decided to use it for the greater good of my people. I’ve learned how to meditate and connect with the universe. I’ve embraced nature in a new and serene way. I finally booked that bucket list trip. I ended a few relationships and mended a few others.

Everyday has not been good. I’ll admit that. But every single day has been purposeful. And that is a blessing that I cannot describe. Cause after spending so much time consumed by negativity, it is such an amazing freedom to just be. To exist without apology and live effortlessly is perhaps the most exhilarating feeling I’ve ever felt.

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When I was going through the struggles of a failed marriage there were days when I found it incredibly difficult to believe that I could ever be happy again. I had transitioned from living and experiencing life to merely existing in a cycle of sadness and disappointment. My happiness was so contingent on the presence of another person that it was impossible for me to conceive of the notion that I could find joy within myself.

But I did. Somewhere between the isolation and the heartbreak, I was able to find peace and serenity.

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Juanae Crockwell is an avid writer, a mother to three amazing sons, and a woman saved by grace. She lives free from her past of abuse and addiction through the hope that she found in a loving God who offered the promise of a better life. Check her out at www.alittlegirlgrowsup.com.