Coconut, Lime and Chorizo Lentils

The best way to cook lentils is to make sure you have 2:1 ratio water to lentils. With that said, the first thing to do is in a large pot bring to boil your water with a few pinches of salt. Once at a boil add in your lentils, Read more

5 Vegan Breakfast Ideas

| Jamie-Lee |                 1. Toast It Up Peanut Butter with slices of bananas – you can add cinnamon for more flavor.... Read more

Taxing Tastes from a Familiar Place

| Arielle |   Back home in the good old US of A, Turboax and H&R Block ads have been popping up just about every commercial break for the last month or two.... Read more

Vegan Vanilla Cupcake Recipe

| Jamie-Lee |   If you’ve got a sweet tooth and like to try out new things in the kitchen then you’ve come to the right place! Try out... Read more

April Recipe : Roasted Mahi Mahi Curry

April Recipe : Roasted Mahi Mahi Curry In a small bowl add cinnamon, cumin, nutmeg, turmeric, lime juice (2 limes) 1/3 cup of vegetable oil and the salt and pepper. Rub marinade on Mahi Mahi. Refrigerate for 2-3 hours. Read more

21 Mile Pie Club

| Arielle |    Alright, let me just start by saying that I’ve never been a big fan of Math. This was true even when I was good at it, and even more so when I... Read more

5 Easy Steps to Going Vegan

| Jamie-Lee |   Ever considered going Vegan but didn’t know where to start? I’m going to share some helpful tips with you. If you don’t want to fully... Read more

Picadillo de Carne Cubano Con Tostones y Arroz

First thing is heat up a large sauté pan good with some oil and brown your ground beef. Season with a bit of salt, pepper and ground cumin. Once completely brown remove from the pan add a touch more oil and sauté your onion for 2-3 mins. Read more

Don’t Miss ‘The Point’

| Courtney Smith |   Our party of five went to dine at The Point at Rosewood Tucker’s Point on a quiet Thursday night. The approach to the main... Read more