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This week, I’m bringing to you Fall/Winter 16/17’s tops trends, with a countdown of my 5 favourites and how to rock them! This fall we’ve got the Renaissance woman, clothes embellished with tinsel, David Bowie Boots, Patent leather jackets and the list just goes on and on and on! So let’s jump in …

8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1


  1. Puffer Jackets with evening wear

I was so not here for puffer jackets in middle school, but now that they’re back I couldn’t be more excited! However, this trend is a little different from what were used to … puffers and evening wear? A strange combination to say the least, but a good one nonetheless. Personally I think the vest is the most workable of all the puffers, as it can show your sleeves and leaves room to showcase your outfit.


  1. Pin stripe suiting

My ABSOLUTE favourite trend for this fall! Everyone can work this trend and that’s the best thing about it – it lengthens and slims everybody type. Pair the suit with a classic white sneaker for a relaxed fun look or a thick heeled boot to bring a little edge. There’s literally very little I can say about this trend, because it simply speaks for itself and I am in LOVE with it!


  1. Extra-long sleeves

Shirts, Jackets, Sweat shirts, Dresses – all extra-long! This trend is probably the hardest to work of them all because who really wants sleeves over their hands right?! For myself I would have to rock this trend with a flared sleeve as you can see below on the white dress – it gives you a 70’s disco feel and isn’t as constricting as the sweat shirt.

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  1. School jumpers

From what I can see, most if not all the trends to come are taking us down memory lane, with nostalgic pieces and clothing from different eras. However, my favourite of those was the school jumper- it’s the closest to my heart. Rock this look with a crisp white, or pale blue button down a low-cut ankle boot and a white sock with a frill (I’d recommend PumPum socks for the win ;)). If not the ankle boot, put on a classic school girl Mary Jane, a brogue or a moccasin. 


  1. Pink and Yellow

Finally, a splash of colour for our winter wardrobes. Whilst we have deep oranges, Marsala red and Oakwood yellow, winter fashion usually lacks anything outside those and black or grey of course. At last, designers have decided to incorporate some brighter hues into their fall collections. Whilst the colours are brighter than usual they are still subtle enough to fall right into place with other fall fashions; and the colour combination is perfect.