A Heart Filled with Compassion…

| By Joanne Anderson | 


Devotion Scripture: “Jesus wept.” John 11:35

“Jesus wept” is considered the shortest scripture in the Word of God. However, the message gives us insight into how our Heavenly Father feels about our difficulties and pain.

In John 11 we see how Jesus’ good friend Lazarus becomes very ill, and his sisters Martha and Mary send word to Jesus of his illness. Jesus receives the message but does not respond to their call immediately. Two days later Jesus responds to their call and travels back to Judae. Upon His arrival He is greeted by Martha who believes in the power of God, however, she questions his timing because Lazarus his beloved friend had been dead for four days. When Martha informed Mary of Jesus’ arrival, she quickly arose. The others Jews assumed she was heading to the grave to weep. Mary sought Jesus. When Mary and the other Jews saw Jesus, she fell to His feet, and wept as they shared their grief. The scripture tells us that Jesus was moved by their heartache for He groaned in the spirit, became troubled and wanted to know where Lazarus was laid.

That’s when Jesus wept.  

As we look at John 11:1- 11, 20- 21, 27 -35 we clearly see Jesus’ loving nature, as He wept silent tears of compassion for His beloved friends. This scripture also teaches us that the love of God does not spare us from life’s challenges. God feels and knows our pain. We must be patient and our faith in God’s love must be deep-rooted in the midst of our trials and pain.

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Have you ever encountered a situation in your parenting journey when you called on Jesus and had to wait? Have you ever felt like He wasn’t hearing you or seeing your tears?

What I have discovered is that during our parenting journey we will travel through peaks and valleys, and shed tears that will express many emotions: fear, anxiety, grief, sadness, joy, gratitude, and thanksgiving. Sometimes God does not answer our prayers immediately, and in our human nature we may sometimes question Him: “Are you here God? Do You hear me? Do You see my tears and feel my pain?” The answer to all of these questions is a resounding, “Yes!”

I can recall one particular season when my child walked into my bedroom while I was praying, and a few tears were trickling down my face. He asked, “Mom, why are you crying?” I told him, “I am seeking God for strength and guidance.” A few months later, he walked into my bedroom, and saw me praying with a few tears once again trickling down my face. Teasingly, he asked, “Mom, why are you crying now?” I answered, “I am giving God praises and glory for strength and answered prayers.” I believe it is important for our children to see us seeking and praising God with tears and smiles. As I reflect, God was teaching to me to be patient, to seek His word, to believe and trust in His promises. Most importantly, He was transforming me into a faithful parent.

If you are facing a situation right now with your child and it feels like God isn’t hearing your prayers or seeing your tears, please know He is in the midst of your situation. Our God is compassionate. He feels your pain, hears your prayers, and knows your heart. During this season:

  • Seek and meditate on scriptures that speak to your circumstance.
  • Keep calling on the name of Jesus.
  • Pray with and for your child.
  • Speak life into your child and the circumstance.
  • Ask clergy, family, and church family to pray with you and for your family.
  • Learn from your trials; they can teach you how to endure, persevere, trust, and believe.
  • Remain hopeful and faithful
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Remember that Jesus knows and cares. He does not ignore those who call out to Him. He may not answer our prayers in our time or according to our will. However, He is an on-time God. Even though we may not understand His plan, we must learn to trust in His Word for His plans are to prosper us and to give us an abundant life. We should allow our test be our testimony for His Kingdom and glory.

Closing Scripture: “Casting all your cares upon him; for He careth for you.” 1 Peter 5:7, KJV

Closing Prayer: My gracious Heavenly Father, I want to thank You for being with me when my heart is heavy, for providing us the care, compassion and love of a parent, and for being an on-time God. Thank You for Your strength, peace, guidance, and wisdom in the midst of my circumstances. Lord, as I continue my parenting journey, may I be like Mary and Martha and seek you daily, be faithful, and give you all the glory. Amen.


Mrs. Joanne Anderson is a child of God who walks by faith. One of her favorite bible verses that she believes and lives by is Philippians 4:13, “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” Joanne has been teaching twenty-five years at the Senior High level and believes this is a calling from God. One of her missions is to teach health and family studies concepts in such a manner that spiritual seeds are planted so that young people can make healthful lifestyle choices that will have a positive impact on their lives and their family.