| By Dr. Jahni M. A. Smith | 

For many the summer is a time of exploration, rejuvenation, and revelry. Parents, teachers, students, and every winter-hater look forward to the sun bursting through the doldrums of cold, cloudy days. Summer is a standing invitation to put down the pencils, push away from the desk and exchange responsibilities for summer barbeques, splashing in the water, and playing in the sand.

Bermudians are notorious summer revelers, kicking it off with the 24th of May celebration and counting the remaining summer days and weeks in terms of the next party. However, at some inevitable point in August, life takes a turn towards the serious.

Fall is coming.

Back to School signs pop up. It’s that silent reminder: it’s time to get “back to reality.”

This is a good time to introduce, or reintroduce, you to the beauty of reset. It simply works like this: if things aren’t operating as designed, press the reset button.

The day just keeps getting worse; reset.

Your week isn’t going as planned; reset.

So the first part of the year didn’t go as planned; reset.

Now is actually a great time to do a check on those January goals.

Every goal is achievable but only the goals that you work on. If you don’t start it, then you won’t finish it. Get moving.

There is a natural tendency to lose momentum in the middle. The novelty of newness has worn off, the end is inviting but too far to motivate you and you feel stuck. This is where educators and students win at life, because August – 8 months into the year – begins preparation for a new year, a micro year, a school year.

Every day is a new opportunity to get it right. Don’t wait until December 31, 2016 to decide that you want to do something great in 2017. It is never too early to start making a dent in next year, but don’t ignore all the potential this year still has.

If you look back at your past and wish that you could have done something differently, congratulations, you are human. Now, the difference between you and the “successful” person you admire is that while you are still worrying about all the time you lost, they are trying to figure out how to never lose time again.

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Remember, setbacks happen, but only quitting makes a setback permanent. Did you set goals in January that you still haven’t even touched? It happens. Life gets away from you sometimes, but the year is still going. There is time for change.

Make your goals as big as the success you want to achieve! There are some goals so big that you have to manage them for years. There are other goals so small, you don’t even need to write them down. Dream bigger!

I want to challenge you as we head into the fall of 2016, to head back to productivity and maximize every opportunity. Our Bermuda is dependent on how vigorously you pursue your passions and dreams. You have unlimited potential to be great. So go ahead, dream, grow, and WIN!


Dr. Jahni M. A. Smith is a Bermudian international scholar with interests in K-12 education policy, economics of education, and understanding market-based reforms in education with specific attention to equity and equality. Jahni blends her diverse interests and academic background to create posts to inspire people to pursue their dreams and goals as we strive to build a better Bermuda and world. Her personal mantra: “The only way to hug is with an open heart, the only way to love is with an open mind. So, let my legacy be this: she loved without restraint and she made things better.”