10 Thanksgiving Thank You Starters

| By Kylah R. S. Martin | 

Have you ever heard the phrase “a simple thank you goes a long way”?

It’s true!

Gratitude is a legitimate source of many, many benefits. I’m talking emotional benefits, social benefits, professional benefits, health benefits, relational benefits…need I say more?!

While Thanksgiving Day is not a Bermudian holiday, we can certainly borrow this moment in time from our neighbors and take a pause to say thank you!

Now, we understand. This may not be natural for some of you. Sometimes you want to say thanks, but don’t know how. Or perhaps you could use a little variety in the way you express your gratefulness. 

If you need a little help finding the words, we’ve got “10 Thanksgiving Thank You Starters” that you can try. Here they are:

  1. Thank you for showing me what it means to ______________.
  2. Thank you for supporting me during ______________.
  3. Thank you for sacrificing your ______________.
  4. Thank you for wiping my ______________ (LOL! Be creative!)
  5. Thank you for not ______________.
  6. I truly appreciate how/when you ______________.
  7. I value our ______________.
  8. Words fail to sufficiently convey what you did for me when ______________. How can I show you my gratitude?
  9. You didn’t have to ______________, but you did. Thank you.
  10. I said I wasn’t going to cry…*feels knot forming in throat*…but I just…I just wanna say thank you!!

Feel free to be as unique and flexible as you so desire when sharing with those you know and love.

We’ll be the first…thank you for your readership and support of PinkSand Bermuda! We trust that you will experience all the benefits of gratitude in full measure. 

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And *ahem* thank you, husband, for letting me borrow your “thank you starters.” 🙂

Remember friends, take time to say thank you all year long. No matter the “wheres” and “whens,” the benefits are just as real!!


Kylah Martin is the Managing Editor for the PinkSand Inspirational page. She is always looking to connect with people who are passionate about telling inspirational stories of all kinds — about life’s thrills and hurdles, about those things that provoke deep thought and introspection, about events that are heart-stirring, that highlight potential and motivate progress. If you are such a person, email info@pinksandentertainment.com for more information on how you can become a contributor!