The Process Is Fearless

Bermuda The Process Is Fearless

| By Dr. Jahni M. A. Smith | 

The Chicago Cubs are riding an amazing season into the 2016 World Series of baseball under the watchful guidance of a formidable coaching genius in Joe Maddon.

For context, these Cubs have not won a World Series title since 1908 and their last pennant was 1945, until they defeated the LA Dodgers on October 22. A few months ago, I read an article highlighting a diagram Maddon used and I put a mental pin in that moment: “This is what legends are made of.”

I spent a few minutes this morning digging that diagram out of my “random research” folder because now it was even more powerful. Maddon has coached them into contention.

Visions don’t usually matter to anyone but the creator, until people see results. So don’t worry about who believes in your dream. Just go and do it!

Maddon freely borrows from other legends to create a philosophy to drive his team to success. He highlights the potency of expectations, pressure, and simplifying and then there’s this gem of all gems:

The process is fearless. It lacks emotions. It’s the moment. It’s the mental anchor. It simplifies the task.

You have an unlimited potential for success that lies dormant beneath inaction. You have to DECIDE that you will trust the process, because “the process is fearless.” How you feel is not the process. More importantly, how everyone else feels is not important. The only thing that matters on the quest to success is the process of getting your dream done.

For example, waking up at 4am to go out into the elements and run or even to work out in the gym is NOT on many people’s list of priorities. However, for one of Bermuda’s formidable female bodybuilding talents, Sabrina Burgess, it is. It’s her process. She just does it because it’s the moment. 4am is when she has scheduled training: no questions, no gimmicks, just go.

If we are to become the version of ourselves we see in our dreams, we must wake up and do things to make the dream a reality.

In order to be great, to become champion, winners do exactly what the losers do, only better. Fortunately, in life I fervently believe that every individual can be great. You do not have to lose because you are your only competition. We are all uniquely gifted, limitless, and equipped to be ourselves. We only fail when we try to be the best version of someone else.

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I want to challenge you as 2016 draws to a close, find your process and WORK IT. Be tenacious. Be intentional. Be amazing. You have unlimited potential to be great. So go ahead and be fearless, dream, grow, and WIN!  


Dr. Jahni M. A. Smith is a Bermudian international scholar with interests in K-12 education policy, economics of education, and understanding market-based reforms in education with specific attention to equity and equality. Jahni blends her diverse interests and academic background to create posts to inspire people to pursue their dreams and goals as we strive to build a better Bermuda and world. Her personal mantra: “The only way to hug is with an open heart, the only way to love is with an open mind. So, let my legacy be this: she loved without restraint and she made things better.”